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Drum Circles are not ALL about Drumming!

Drum circles are so much more.  Research continues to demonstrate that drumming circles are an effective tool marking statistically significant changes in physical, emotional, mental health and wellness! When we drum together, it feels like a breath of fresh air in this fragmented-stressed-out-world!  Research is pouring out pointing to Therapeutic Drum Circles as a powerful option to help reduce stress and build a sense of community. News flash: This is good news! Research suggests that both stress and a lack of social connection are the primary determining factors for mental, and physical illness.

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We use a diverse collection of drums from around the world in a new and powerful therapeutic drum circle protocol that is rapidly growing nation-wide known as: the ICDC – (Integrated Community Drum Circle)informed by Judy Atkinson’s Drum Codes, Founder and President of Circles of Rhythm (1997-2017) .

The ICDC‘s offer the following benefits and applications:



“Good luck staying grouchy in a Drum Circle! The only guaranteed side effect of a Drum Circle is JOY!” 

– Judy Atkinson

Our drum circles create a  fun, supportive, and a safe environment and are facilitated by professional trained ICDC facilitators who are passionate about bringing this unique tool to you.

No Experience is Required
Drums are Provided

Our approach is based in research by Dr Barry Bittman, Dr Bruce Perry and Music Therapist Christine Stevens.  We are also proud to have the only comprehensive community and therapeutic training program in Canada.

ICDC – Training Program

People all over the world are waking up to the powerfully positive therapeutic effects of participating regularly in an Integrated Community Drum Circle.

“Drum circles don’t have the power to change the world… but the world can change in the pursuit of living our lives as we do in the Integrated Community Drum Circle. I learn to watch, listen, and feel – shifting from the me – to the  – we! I continue to stretch and learn more about myself and the human-condition, every time I step out to facilitate an ICDC” – Julien Lepage, MSW, Leadership, RSW, Master ICDC Facilitator.

Circles of Rhythm’s Mission Statement

Setting the stage for people to Watch, Listen, Feel, and Heal with the rhythms of LIFE!

For more information about how to introduce the ICDC into your life, contact Circles of Rhythm’s owner and visionary:

Julien Lepage, MSW Leadership, RSW – Master ICDC Facilitator & Lead Instructor. 

Phone: 403-479-6968;  Email: julien@circlesofrhythm.com

What is an ICDC?

The Integrated Community Drum Circle – Origins and Objectives

The Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC) utilizes rhythms, drums, and teachings from cultures across the globe. The pursuit of balance is the guiding principle of both the ICDC Facilitator, and (hopefully) its participant!

Drum circles are the perfect environment to learn and practice important life and emotional intelligence skills – its goal: “the pursuit of balance”.

The role of the Participant is to experiment and learn using the drum as a tool.

The role of the ICDC Facilitator is to guide ICDC participants to explore collaborative rhythm-making experiences using the drum.

The ICDC promotes mindfulness, curiosity, and play amongst the group cohort – following the pursuit of balance equations below:

The ICDC’s key-exponential growth domains

  • Active (+) and Reflective (-)
  • Mental & Physical (-+), Emotional and Spiritual (+-)
  • Powerful (-) and Gentle (+)
  • Giving (++) and Receiving (++)
  • Space (M) and Time (V)
  • Earth (o) and Sky (x)

LEGEND – ICDC Balance AWARENESS Formula – Scaling Research Questions

(+)= Intention – Energy & Power
(-) = Awareness & Discipline – Ego
(M ) = Movement – Transformation & Boundaries
(V) = Values – Authenticity & Service
(o) = Environmental – Sustainability & Indigenous Land Wisdom
(x) = Life-Force Energy & Authentic Curiosity


In the ICDC, both the facilitator and the participant have the opportunity to learn using the drum as a transformational tool for exponential growth on a personal, professional, and spiritual level.

“the ICDC is a real-time, choose-your-own-adventure workshop!” – Julien Lepage, Owner of Circles of Rhythm – MSW Leadership, RSW

The ICDC methodology was originally synthesized by Judy Atkinson, Founder of Circles of Rhythm & Author of “The Drum Code: Living Well Between the Beats” to develop this unique, evidence-based wholistic approach to drumming. Circles of Rhythm’s ICDC maximizes the transformational benefits of community drumming by incorporating simple, yet powerful teachings (the Drum Codes), combined with a balanced approach of High Energy Drumming & Gentle Drumming, Healing techniques.

Recommended Organizations, Products and Services

Circles of Rhythm is happy to associate with and recommend the following individuals and organizations.  Our values and missions are very congruent, and we are proud to be their partners

Mallets & Drum Hats:
Mallet Man, Pete Oxland provides excellent designed, hard wood mallets.  Highly reccomended!  Mallet Man Pricing

Drums, Flutes and Percussion:
We Sell Drums! New and Used – Contact us if you’re able to pick up in Calgary, AB.

Other options: Empire Music in Vancouver www.empiremusic.ca is a great company to order drums from online, delivery included and come right to your door! Based out of Vancouver BC.

We choose to carry and promote the use of REMO DRUMSHere is an article that will help the community drum circle enthusiast understand why.

FLUTES, Didgerdoos, Percussion:
Native flutes and music, Las Angeles CA  Stven DeRuby, www.deruby.com

One World Drum in Calgary, 403-217-6790

Sound Healing:
Sound Therapy Training and Seminars, Calgary AB

A Non-Profit organization offering programs for people living with cancer and their loved ones, Calgary AB

Business Consultants and Coaches:
Connie Phenix    http://www.CONNIEPHENIX.com

Great Facilities for Drumming Workshops:
Inglewood Lawn Bolwing Club,  1245 8 ave se Calgary AB
Club Website

Fort Calgary, in the Core of the city
Rigt in the centre of town, free parking, catering available, for groups up to 100.

Heritage Park, SW Calgary
Many facilities to rent for groups up to 100, great catering, lovley location, free parking, Contact Jennifer Wakeford, jwakeford@heritagepark.ab.ca  403-268-8500

Country Wood in Bragg Creek
Capacity 40 people, homey place, great food and service, Contact Heather at jobray@herizoncoaching.ca, 403-949-8466

Calgary Zoo, SE Calgary
Super place for drumming!  Many spaces to choose from up to 200 people, call 403-232-7770 for details

Our Client List

Our Circles of Rhythm team provide Workshops, Keynotes, Icebreakers and Social Events for a diverse range of organizations and groups. From community based programs to fortune 500 companies, Circles of Rhythm goes the distance to bring you innovative, inspirational and educational programs to meet your needs.