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Circles of Rhythm

Circles of Rhythm is a local Alberta business passionate about life, our city, it’s people, building community  and helping us all be healthy, happy and whole.

Drum Circles Offer

A Sense of Belonging Social & Cultural Change Mental & Physical Health

Circles of Rhythm hosts the #1 Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC) in North America. Established in 1997, Circles of Rhythm has built a vibrant sustainable Local Community and business via the ICDC. We offer Professional Training to those who want to bring the Integrated Community Drum Circle into their lives & local centers. Offering workplace programs, corportae team building, social, therapeutic interventions, sound healing, and personal / professional training: Circles of Rhythm is the go-to Drum Circle business for all your needs.

 “Its not what we do at the drum circle that will change the world, it’s how the world will change when we live our lives as we do in a drum circle.”

- Julien Lepage

Owner, Integrated Community Drum Circle Facilitator & Trainer

Our Core Programs

Friday Night Weekly Community Drum Circles
Training for Facilitation of Therapeutic Community Drum Circles
Workplace Programs


Research Based

Dr. Barry Bittman and Dr. Bruce Perry; our Circles of Rhythm Healing Drum Circles are a new therapeutic tool for trauma, anxiety and depression. With 20 years of experience, we are the only full service Drum Circle Company in Canada.

Drum Circles are being incorporated into the workplace for team building and stress relief, into the health sector for mental and physical health and into the community for fun and celebration!

Simply put, Drum Circles are a tool for  the well-being of our selves and our world.

“Now, more than ever before in our collective human history, we need to work together to create healthy, meaningful communities.”

Watch these two videos to get a better idea!

Friday Night Drum Circles – Circles of Rhythm’s ICDC (Integrated Community Drum Circle)

This video captures our weekly Friday Night Drum Circles. A public event where everyone is welcome to join! .

Drumming in the Park – Post-Pandemic Community Integration

Since COVID-19, Julien believes Circles of Rhythm has an increasingly important role to play, helping bring people together.

What is a Drum Circle?

The Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC) utilizes rhythms, drums, and teachings from cultures across the globe. The pursuit of balance is the guiding principle of both the ICDC Facilitator, and (hopefully) its participant!

Drumming up Wellness Hospital Program

This is an AHS program that Circles of Rhythm helped develop.  We are very excited to be of assistance to this in any way we can.

Community Drum Circle Program

This is our weekly Friday night Drum Circle!  Come check it out!

“Today, hundreds of people “find themselves” in an ICDC where they have an opportunity to develop a vision for what life could look like outside of the circle.”

Judy atkinson
Founder of Circles of Rhythm (Est. 1997)

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