Seniors Community Wellness Program

Elevate Your Seniors Care Experience with Circles of Rhythm's Integrated Community Drum Circle

Looking to bring LIFE to your Seniors/Supported Living Facility? Let the Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC) bring you and everyone you work with a JOY JOLT!! Each one of our drumming circles inspire every participant to get in touch with LIFE. Seniors and Caregivers alike will find a renewed passion for developing meaningful connections and activities. Regardless of our physical/cognitive limitations, music and rhythm has a way to bring everyone together at the heart.

Don’t worry, EVERYONE CAN DRUM! No Experience Needed – Drums and Percussion Provided.
Our Master Integrated Community Drum Circle facilitators offer a research-based drum circle protocol which

offers the following benefits to seniors and their caregivers alike:

Shifts negative moods to positivity
Lowers blood pressure and heart rate Increases immune system response Reduces Stress, worry, loneliness and frustration Energizes the body and Calms the mind Builds community spirit for the entire care facility!!!

Check out this amazing study which displays not only a remarkable shift in the residents of a long-term care facility in the US. Not only did the residents’ overall health and life satisfaction increase dramatically, but there was also a MAJOR SHIFT in staff turnover, sick time, and overall job satisfaction. All of this was possible simply by adding ONLY ONE HOUR of drumming per week into their facility. Ask us where you can learn more about the amazing research supporting the ICDC as a therapeutic Health and Wellness tool!

What does it look like?

Staff and residents will gather in a circle format, quickly learning to play simple rhythms on drums from around the world. This experience will lift your spirit, energize your body, and un-clutter your minds – in unison! Each and every strike of the drum sends a wave of energy, offering a powerful source of community support and positivity for everyone!

“This experience went way beyond my expectations; I learned something new, and I felt ALIVE and WELL I LOVED it!”

We all have so much to give, and so much life to live, no matter our age. We all want to find meaning in our work, making even just a small impact in one another’s lives, each and every day. Consider adding regular drum circles to your facility or as a staff development opportunity.

Included in our fees:

Drum Rentals for 50 drums per drum circle session (This number can be increased to accommodate up to 800 drummers at once! Please contact us for a special quote)
Drum Transportation, Custom Designed Workshop/s, Professional Facilitation
Fees do not include GST and Mileage costs @ $0.65/km for out of town requests

*Fees can be negotiated based on your facility’s budget.