Private ICDC Facilitator Training


Unlock the power of rhythm and community connection with Circles of Rhythm’s Integrated Community Drum Circles (ICDC) Facilitator Training. Tailored to your agency’s unique needs, this immersive program equips participants with the skills and confidence to lead their own drum circles. Our 3-day ICDC facilitator training program can be condensed & customized to your organization’s population requirements & learning objectives.


Our trained facilitators have successfully implemented Integrated Community Drum Circles in multiple sectors including:

Ask us for a reference! We will gladly connect you with someone who is currently running an ICDC in their respective organization similar to yours!


This training is best suited for a group of 6 – 30 participants seeking to learn how to lead their own Drum Circles. The training will focus on COR’s Integrative Community Drum Circle (ICDC) and its therapeutic techniques & modalities. Your instructors will offer practice, support, and direction on how these ICDC techniques could be implemented as a regular therapeutic program. 

We customize the training to your agency’s programs & mandate, focusing on the main targets:

These are evidence-based skills that have been proven to be extremely effective for all: Staff, clients & their families, and community members alike!

Participants will leave the training feeling ready and capable of being the lead facilitator and/or co-facilitator of their own Integrated Community Drum Circle within their community – AND – will feel comfortable applying Judy Atkinson’s gentle drum techniques of the “Drum Wash” and “Rhythm Cradle” within their respective practice. 


  • A FREE DRUM CIRCLE. We believe that the best way to get buy-in from the community is to have a “launch” event. Our Master ICDC Facilitators will offer a community drum circle to a group of your choice. This will generate interest, and will also demonstrate to your future facilitators what is possible when leading their own drum circles!
  • Comprehensive instruction in ICDC Facilitation Skills and Healing Rhythm Techniques
  • Overview of ICDC theory and research supporting drumming as therapy
  • Printed copy of the ICDC  Training Manual for each participant
  • Access to the ICDC facilitator training mentorship program Optional Zoom/Phone coaching sessions and/or 1 in-person mentorship session
  • Support with developing customized drum circle formats and building a recommended drum kit
  • Modestly discounted prices for pre-ordered drum kits with delivery options prior to the training workshop



ICDC Facilitators also have access to our mentorship program. This ensures ongoing support & personalized coaching sessions to help guide facilitators as they learn to customize their drum circle programming. 

Take the first step towards transformative programming—secure your date today and join us in harnessing the healing power of rhythm!

Circles of Rhythm is excited to have the opportunity to support your organization in developing your own Integrated Community Drum Circle program within your community!