What is an ICDC?

What is an ICDC?

The Integrated Community Drum Circle – Origins and Objectives

The Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC) utilizes rhythms, drums, and teachings from cultures across the globe. The pursuit of balance is the guiding principle of both the ICDC Facilitator, and (hopefully) its participant!

Drum circles are the perfect environment to learn and practice important life and emotional intelligence skills – its goal: “the pursuit of balance”.

The role of the Participant is to experiment and learn using the drum as a tool.

The role of the ICDC Facilitator is to guide ICDC participants to explore collaborative rhythm-making experiences using the drum.

The ICDC promotes mindfulness, curiosity, and play amongst the group cohort – following the pursuit of balance equations below:

The ICDC’s key-exponential growth domains

  • Active (+) and Reflective (-)
  • Mental & Physical (-+), Emotional and Spiritual (+-)
  • Powerful (-) and Gentle (+)
  • Giving (++) and Receiving (++)
  • Space (M) and Time (V)
  • Earth (o) and Sky (x)

LEGEND – ICDC Balance AWARENESS Formula – Scaling Research Questions

(+)= Intention – Energy & Power
(-) = Awareness & Discipline – Ego
(M ) = Movement – Transformation & Boundaries
(V) = Values – Authenticity & Service
(o) = Environmental – Sustainability & Indigenous Land Wisdom
(x) = Life-Force Energy & Authentic Curiosity


In the ICDC, both the facilitator and the participant have the opportunity to learn using the drum as a transformational tool for exponential growth on a personal, professional, and spiritual level.

“the ICDC is a real-time, choose-your-own-adventure workshop!” – Julien Lepage, Owner of Circles of Rhythm – MSW Leadership, RSW

The ICDC methodology was originally synthesized by Judy Atkinson, Founder of Circles of Rhythm & Author of “The Drum Code: Living Well Between the Beats” to develop this unique, evidence-based wholistic approach to drumming. Circles of Rhythm’s ICDC maximizes the transformational benefits of community drumming by incorporating simple, yet powerful teachings (the Drum Codes), combined with a balanced approach of High Energy Drumming & Gentle Drumming, Healing techniques.